Our Mission

To be the bridge to eliminating the racial challenges affecting our local BIPOC and other mothers, fathers, and babies

Challenges our mothers experience:

  • Frequently exposed to environmental stressors often caused by structural racism that put babies at a higher risk of being born too small/too soon
  • Barriers to accessing quality prenatal care
  • Lack of access to resources & support
  • High infant & maternal mortality and morbidity rates

Our Story

SBV has been a dream and purpose in the making since 2018. The vision didn't come to fruition until the spring of 2021, when Founder/Director Soraya Dos Santos had her initial gathering with the founder of BP USA, Mama Kat. A monumental event slotting in the missing piece that would catalyze change in remembering, reclaiming, reviving, and restoring our community's maternal health & wellness.

Thank You to Our Sponsors