We honor, celebrate & elevate the co-creators of life and our community.

Beloved Sister, we see you and walk with you in your most sacred journey of childbirth.

We connect you, a pregnant woman (Little Sister), to an initiated (trained) community member (SisterFriend) who serves as your friendly support during pregnancy and up to one year after birth to inspire you to be the best mom you can be and navigate the opportunities toward a healthy pregnancy and motherhood.

Little Sisters

  • Are the recipients of our SisterFriending Model. She will be held and cared for throughout her most sacred journey of motherhood
  • Cultivates a trust-earned connection with her SisterFriend to ensure she has all she needs for a thriving life for herself, her baby, and her family
  • Our Little sisters will be honored and elevated through their rite of passage through childbirth
  • Be held and supported to negotiate the many decisions that come along with motherhood by providing practical support and connections & coordination of resources
  • In collaboration with her SisterFriend, creates pathways that bring solution-oriented wisdom that centers and fosters self-sufficiency and self-autonomy

During Pregnancy

  • Creating & implementing an individualized prenatal care plan that centers on self-autonomy and options aligned with a thriving life for mother and baby.
  • Have a trusted perinatal provider
  • Maintain consistency in prenatal appointments
  • Attend prenatal & childbirth education classes
  • Share and coordinate prenatal appointments with your SisterFriend
  • Identify and curate a plan to ensure you maintain your health
  • Engage and connect with your SisterFriend on a weekly basis
  • Create your Birth plan
  • Identify and connect to resources and services
  • Postpartum planning & preparation


  • Be supported by your SisterFriend to be prepared for your birthing journey
  • Create your individualized birth plan
  • Invite your sisterFriend to attend your birth as a companion & support


  • Creating and coordinating postpartum care includes:
  • Be elevated and honored through your rebirth as a mother.
  • Home Visits and coordination of care and support for the new mother, baby, and family
  • Mother and baby blessing- a celebration of a new life
  • Connection to practitioners and treatment that centers on the mother's ongoing well-being
  • Conscious family planning

One year of life

  • Honoring and celebrating a full year of the health of the mother, her partner & baby.
  • Graduation from SBV with an open invitation to return to serve as a SisterFriend and conductor on the underground railroad for new life.
  • Connection to community resources to support the mother's vision & dream for herself & and her family
  • Identify and engage in supports and resources related to early childhood development and well-being
  • Access to workshops & classes to explore options and enhance knowledge of any new resources